SPL-001 eng

Inversion Table model : SPL-001. Price 7,600 baht.
Special promotion. Now only 6,840 baht.

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* Use Warning and Caution *

  • This equipment is not suitable for people with high blood pressure symptoms.
  • This equipment is not suitable for people with heart-related disease or had heart surgery (Ballooning and Bypass).
  • This equipment is not suitable for people with any cataract in the eye.
  • Should not play just after a meal as it may cause nausea.

“Quality and soft leatherette bed that is easy to clean and don’t get musty.”

“Wide bed for maximum utilization.”

“Ratchet locking system allow comfortably tight secure and safety. Long extended handle helps comfortable lock without the need to bend and risk back pain.”

“Secure tighter and safer with more frequent scale ratchet than commercial part.”

“Quality product from SpineFitness. Important locking system is assembled right out of factory because it is critical part. User may expose to danger if it is assembled incorrectly or included for manual combine.”

““Ergonomic ankle cup reduces pressure and pain from locking.”

“E“Bed side long handles for fully rotation support.”

Inversion Table Model : SPL-001 Usage Demonstration

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